Sandstone for the whole life

Do you want stone tiles, outdoor or indoor paving, window sills, a wall, a table, a washbasin or another unique exterior or interior accessory? Reach for the Dubenec sandstone.


There is nothing better than what nature itself offers us – and that is what makes sandstone, even in today’s building technology, an unbeatable landmark. It has a lot of remarkable features. It is durable, visually unmistakable with any other material and unrivaled timeless.


Mining of the Dubenec sandstone dates back to the time of queen Maria Theresa, when it was widely used in the construction of the Josefov Fortress and other important buildings in the area. The foundation stone of the fortress town of Josefov was laid in 1780. The Dubenec sandstone is therefore reliably time-tested and has a long tradition.


Using the right type of sandstone and professional applications are key conditions for stone elements to serve future generations. We know this natural treasure perfectly and we know how to work with it to preserve its unique attributes. In addition to durability, this elegant stone also boasts practicality. After final processing and treatment, the Dubenec sandstone requires minimal maintenance. Its aesthetic value is also a strong advantage of our sandstone. Its premium Scandinavian design will give a unique face to any space.