Garden decoration

Do you love natural materials? Wood, stone, sandstone? We especially enjoy Czech sandstone for its unique artwork and the possibilities it offers for the production of exceptional original products.


Popular sandstone garden decorations include large sandstone flower pots, sandstone garden sculptures, planting stones, alpine rock sandstone, stepping stones, pedal stones and other custom products. Each such piece will become a real and eternal original in your garden, which will make you happy every time you look at it.


Garden sculptures, statuettes of angels, stone nativity scenes and animal statues

For enthusiasts of not only large gardens, castle parks, but also small cozy gardens and nooks are interesting decorations the garden or animal statues. The size of these sandstone statues ranges from small animal statues, through angel statues to large statues, such as the statue of St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary, Buddha statues, etc.

Christmas statues and Christmas nativity scenes are suitable for the Christmas holidays. A large Christmas nativity scene made of sandstone with 10 figures 27 cm high can be arranged according to your imagination and placed both indoors and outdoors.


Flower boxes, stone troughs and large outdoor sandstone flowerpots

Stone boxes made of natural sandstone or large stone troughs together with large outdoor pots will provide you with a lot of space for your flowers, heather and woody plants. In addition, thanks to the solid sandstone material, it protects the root ball from drying out even on hot summer days.

Another very popular variant are stone flower pots and stone troughs made of artificial sandstone. Quality artificial sandstone is a great material to replace natural sandstone, not only in terms of price. Artificial sandstone can be already during production provided with additives that prevent water absorption and thus increase the lifespan and strength of these stone products and garden decorations.

These stone troughs and sandstone flower pots have a nice colored pattern and natural relief of the surface and are therefore a suitable alternative to more expensive flower pots made of natural sandstone.


Sandstone stepping stones

Stone steps on the garden as stepping stones on the lawn are made of natural sandstone.

At the same time, garden steps made of natural sandstone will provide you with the charm of natural stone, which is eternal and beautiful. Another type of stepping stones are of granite. These granite stones are perfect for Japanese gardens.

Steps made of stone will:

  • help you create romantic nooks and nice pathways
  •  allow you to walk through the garden and not step on the soaked soil even after rain
  • bring an element of difference to every garden


Garden sinks and garden fountains

Garden fountains as well as an outdoor garden washbasin on the wall are made of artificial stone, artificial sandstone in the Czech Republic. Outdoor garden fountains for the garden are a beautiful accessory that will definitely become a dominant feature for your garden.

An interesting option is an outdoor garden washbasin on the wall or freestanding, intended directly for placement in the garden.