Teleskopické manipulátory Bobcat

The market for rotary telescopic handlers is growing globally. In Europe, for example, the market has grown by 23% over the last five years and in 2019 it exceeded 3,000 units sold for the first time. A total of 85% of global sales in this category are in EMEA.


Swivel telescopic handlers are equipped with a swivel tower and four stabilisers, allowing them to work safely in place and achieve full operating performance. The tower’s 360° rotation allows the machines to handle loads throughout the entire working range without having to reposition them. This solution is ideally suited for urban areas where spaces are tight and manoeuvring options are limited.

The ability to handle the job and cover the entire site from one location and the ability to be used from day one to the last day of a construction project makes these machines increasingly attractive for construction sites. Telescopic handlers are often referred to as 3-in-1 machines because they combine the features of a telescopic handler with the functions of a lifting platform and a crane. The machines are thus used mainly in the construction industry (80%), but also industrial maintenance. Their popularity has been growing steadily since the 1990s when the category was created.


The perfect working environment

As with all Bobcat machines, operator comfort is a fundamental requirement for the new rotary telescopic handlers. The innovative patented cab design is the key to safe work on the job site. Its advantages include:

fully pressurised working environment,

100% air filtration,

heating and air conditioning (except TR40.180),

large windows for optimal visibility,

ROPS/FOPS certification,

easily adjustable steering column,

comfortable, fully adjustable seat.


All Bobcat rotary telescopic handlers are equipped with a large, high-resolution touchscreen display for intuitive machine operation. The machine settings can be customised on five different pages on the display. Navigating between these pages is extremely easy and intuitive – you can use the touch screen or the rotary control.


Versatile accessories

In the case of Bobcat swivel telescopic handlers, the accessories are almost as important as the machine itself, as they allow for universal use. Common accessories include pallet forks (supplied as standard), crane arms and winches, stand-alone winches, lifting platforms and buckets.

Most of Bobcat’s new rotary telescopic handlers are equipped with a remote control to operate the machine from the platform when lifting people; remote control of the machines also allows for improved visibility and accuracy when working.


Easy and safe to use

Bobcat swivel telescopic handlers automatically detect the attachment using RFID technology, which also displays the corresponding load tables on the display. The machine is thus ready to work safely in seconds. A dynamic load graph is displayed on the touch screen, allowing the operator to monitor the centre of gravity of the load.

The limits page also allows the operator to limit the work area in three dimensions and limit the speed of work to ensure maximum control and safety.



Source: Lomy a těžba