Overcome all obstacles with the new Hyundai “A” wheel excavators

The South Korean company Hyundai Contruction Equipment is a recognized specialist in the field of construction machinery production. The exclusive importer of these machines to the Czech Republic is the company CIME-bau, s. r. o. with its registered office in Zlín with sales and service centers throughout the country.


This year, HCE launched a new generation of wheeled excavators, which are models HW140A, HW160A, HW210A with a total weight of 15 to 21 tons. This is a technically improved existing, highly reliable model line. A hot new product is the HW170A-CR short stern wheel excavator, which is designed for work in urban and cramped environments. Compared to previous models, the HW-Series “A” wheeled excavators are characterized by higher performance, higher efficiency and productivity with lower fuel consumption. These machines bring many advantages and facilitate work both on the road and in the field.


News and improvements

All models of the HW “A” series are powered by diesel engines from the world manufacturer Cummins with power from 173 – 183 HP meeting the strict European emission standard STAGE V with support for SCR, DOC, DPF technology. The machines are enhanced with a hydraulic load sensing system, which ensures optimized and smooth operation using various adapters. Another smooth feature in wheeled excavators is the Electronic Reversible Fan, which provides automatic engine cooling, while the self-cleaning mode eliminates dust and dirt.


Easy operation and comfort at work

Every job done well goes hand in hand with easy machine control. The customer can now equip their machine with a wide range of improved features that the new models offer. One of the many great features is the automatic digging brake or the new joystick control. The optional automatic digging brake keeps the service brake in the rest position when the vehicle stops (speed is zero) without the driver having to press the brake pedal. Joystick control provides the driver with maximum driving comfort. Everything can be handled with one wheel without the need to use the steering wheel. This feature can be enabled and disabled on the control panel.


On-site safety

Working with Hyundai machines couldn’t be safer. The new models, like the previous ones, feature the AAVM function, which provides the operator with a 360-degree view of the machine on an eight-inch monitor. In addition, this function is complemented by the rear view camera function on the new models, where everything that happens behind the machine can be observed by the operator in the rearview mirror. Hyundai offers an operating experience thanks to a cab that is not only comfortable and spacious, but also equipped with state-of-the-art noise and vibration reduction technology. To increase safety, additional sound and warning functions have been included in the equipment, which alert the driver, for example, to the use of seat belts.


Stay connected

The new wheeled excavators are designed to integrate a powerful machine and state-of-the-art digital technology. Thanks to this, unique machines of a new generation have been created, with which it is a pleasure to work and their management is possible even from a distance. Thanks to the Hi-MATE system, you will always have an overview of important service and diagnostic information, regardless of where the machine is located. You can monitor all this via a PC or the new Hyundai Mobile Fleet mobile application. This advanced solution uses simple graphics and key machine performance data.



Source: Lomy a těžba