Granite and marble have always been considered not only the noblest, but also the most practical, reliable and long-lasting coverings. Its beauty, environmental friendliness, resistance to dirt and damage have made these materials indispensable for use in high traffic areas such as embankments, airports, museums and metro stations.



Using a natural stone for the construction of stairs, you can be sure that the stairs will not lose its original appearance, even under conditions of high temperature, light, mechanical stress or when tested by water. Nature herself, in creating this indispensable material, has taken care of its ability to withstand the elements.




Types of marble and granite stairs

Solid, solid stone stairs are a guarantee of strength and durability of the whole staircase structure. Solid granite stairs can serve for decades and even centuries. If you want to avoid seams in the manufacture of stairs, you can use overlapping plates, cut to the exact width of the stairwell. The most accessible is the use of marble and granite facing slabs. Moreover, not only the stairs are faced with them, but also the treads. Next, it is necessary to remember that for the sake of safety any ladder should have a handrail, for which support ladder poles or balusters are used. Balusters of marble and granite perform not only a protective function, but also decorate the staircase, emphasizing its sophistication.