Advantages of stone stairs

Stairs made of natural stone are aesthetically perfect, uniquely patterned and environmentally friendly. The thermal and frost resistance of stone stairs makes them far preferable, especially if you are building for the ages. To convince yourself of the durability of this material, you only need to remember the surviving monuments of ancient culture. An indisputable advantage of stairs made of marble and granite is their water resistance, and consequently, they are not susceptible to fungus and other unpleasant consequences of long-term interaction with water.


What is the difference between granite and marble?

Granite is a product of slow cooling and fossilization of magmatic fluid, or it is formed in the process of granitization of different terrestrial rocks. Granite is naturally light grey, but due to its admixtures, it can take on many different colours, such as pink, red and sometimes even green. It is more hard-wearing than marble, and is used boldly for paving city streets, roads and stairs.

Marble, thanks to its structure, is easy to polish. It is usually pale in colour, but can take on varying hues and patterns, from yellow to red and black if impurities are present. Unlike granite, marble is considered as more capricious material, but sometimes it is preferable. It is more commonly used for flooring and stairs in bathrooms and baths, as well as for building internal staircases. This stone is less slippery than granite, as it is more hygroscopic. It is less slippery than granite as it is more hygroscopic and can be used for memorials, architectural marble for the decoration of homes and museums.


Stairs from marble and a granite in the interior

Stairs made of marble may become a zest of any interior. They will perfectly get on with a marble floor and wooden parquet, and a marble or decorative metal railing will emphasize originality and luxury of the interior. Marble is called the “house” stone: its aesthetic qualities are higher than those of granite, but it requires more attention. The elegance and beauty of this unique material is evident, and the inimitable variety of colour and pattern opens up limitless possibilities for the creative exploration of a particular interior. The formal staircase in the living room of a country house with white marble stairs, or an intriguing and luxurious dark green bathroom, the choice is left to the owner. Your interior design will be exclusive because the texture of the stone is unique and will never be repeated.

Granite stairs are perfect for exterior design of your home: a porch, fountain or gazebo entrance made of granite will always look exquisite. At the same time, high durability and unpretentiousness of granite will allow you not to think about restoration at least in the nearest hundred years.

Stairs made of granite and marble are protagonists of interiors of palaces, luxurious Turkish baths and swimming pools. Stairs made of natural stone decorate the entrances and exits of the underground, give a clean, tidy appearance to the underground passages. Their ease of use, durability, reliability and the pleasant ease with which they can be maintained and cleaned make them indispensable in the construction of any structure that involves active and long-term use.