Czech specialist in comprehensive service and sales of EM / OTR tires

CEMAT TRADING s.r.o. has been operating on the Czech and Slovak markets for more than 27 years. The main mission of the company is to supply products of the highest quality in the field of handling and construction technology, including service performed by its own employees. To date, the strategy has brought partnership with eleven manufacturers around the world, from Canada, through most EU countries, to Sri Lanka. The most famous brands include Michelin, CAMSO (Solideal), Galaxy and Marangoni.


Representation of global brands

Since 2019, Triangle has also been one of them. As a leading radial tire manufacturer in China, it has a huge foreign and domestic patent portfolio. It focuses on technological innovation, research and production to meet the demands of consumers around the world. Today, it is one of the world’s four largest radial OTR tire manufacturers and has built global partnerships with companies such as Caterpillar, Terex, Doosan, Hyundai and Volvo.


Well-chosen investment

Investing in tires in case of heavy-duty mechanization is one thing that every operator carefully considers. Every application and operation has different demands and the experience of the operators is very important when choosing tires so that it is an economical and durable choice. Therefore, Čemat offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services in the field of EM tire supply.


Wide sortiment

Key points of the offer include a wide selection of brands from premium Michelin, upper middle class Magna Tires and CAMSO to the already mentioned low-cost Triangle, meeting the needs of the market with low price and reasonable quality. ČEMAT is not limited to represented brands, but is also able to offer Goodyear or Bridgestone or other tires according to customer requirements at competitive prices. The retreading of premium tires under the Rodos and Schelkmann brands logically fits into this offer.


Own service team

The main service in the field of EM tires has been mobile service almost since the beginning of the company’s operation. On site, the machine has specialized hydraulic tools and also an IVECO vehicle with a hydraulic arm, which allows handling the largest dimensions of tires.

The ČEMAT service team has been repairing TIP-TOP EM1 tires with thermal press for six years. As a result, it is able to repair extensive damage to the sidewall of the tires as well as punctures, over almost the entire range of the tire’s cross-section by hot vulcanization. At the same time, the team is able to solve even extreme operational requirements in applications that are highly demanding on defect resistance, for example with Rud Erlau and Las Zirh protective chains and the supply of superelastic (full) wheels, including discs. The service team also fills the tires with polyurethane, which gives the air tires the “undamageable tire” feature.



Source: Lomy a těžba