3D robot at the secondary school of sculpture art & stonemasonry in Hořice.

robot v kamenosochařství

An artistic creation assume the high level of creative inventiveness which is interconnected with exceptional craft skilfulness.

Regarding stonemasonry – sculpture art, this craft includingng sculpture works or renovating stone is an art with a thousand-year tradition. Today, the modern design is created with 3D printer and its main material is the stone, of course. Particularity of this study programme lies in the extracting material from which new sculpture is created. Technology of stonemasonry-sculpture art has been the same for the thousand of years. Physical hard work prevails when stone is extracted either by stroke or abrasion. The technologies used have their limits in regard to shape variability. In the world the high-end technologies provides first steps to substituting some parts of stonemasonry-sculpture art production when creating stone constructions/sculptures with modern technological processes. These modern technological processes are based on virtual modeling, scanning, and machining in a “noncartesian coordinate system”. In Czechia and even in most Central European countries these modern processes have not been used yet and if so, they are based on 3D printing which means they work precisely in the opposite way. In the countries where weak rocks such as marble are processed in a traditional way these modern technological procedures are being introduced into production.

The aim of the project is to put these high-end modern technological procedures and know how into practice together with the support of business partners including educational institutions. There is no ambition to profit from the project. With regards to the level of innovations this kind of innovation is of the highest quality which can extent possibilities of contemporary technologies and their use.

The project is interesting not only for secondary, but also for the tertiary education institutions. Except from artistic use it has a potential in the technical area of fine stonemasonry production. The use of scanner opens new possibilities in the preservation of sights in 3D. For the labour market, the project represents in its unity a unique incubator for applying modern technological procedures into the conservative environment of artistic creation. Finally, it is expected that some applications of modern technological procedures extent use of peripherals which are close to stone design.

Complete technology can be divided into three primary and software connected components:

– 3D scanner

– Modeling in 3D

– Robotic arm


Scanner with ATOS software is equipped with the most advanced technology – “Parametric inspection”. Scanning is combined with a photogrammetry for scanning large and complex objects. Its measure precision is higher by up to two orders than it is needed for a renovation, preservation or the creation of 3D objects. Tertiary institutions are welcome to use very high precision measure within this project. It is possible to measure an object deformation, a loss of sculpture material, to record details for originals’ identification in hundredth of milimetres etc. Generally speaking, this workplace provides transformational environment which separates artistic manual work of an artist from a mathematical model/design in 3D.

Source: Lomy a těžba