For the manufacturer the installation of countertops is often a key moment that can determine the success of the entire order. It starts with a safe transportation of the countertop and ends with the moment when the client signs the handover certificate and reaches for their wallet. In the whole process there is no space for improvisation.

Everybody would prefer it if there were no seams. However, there is no way to manufacture or install a countertop without them. Seams are also what clients pay special attention to.
Seams – as inevitable as they are – should not be perceived as a defect, although they should be as unobtrusive as possible.
To make this happen, there are tools that allow for a controlled and precisely aligned perpendicular seams when joining two parts of a countertop.

One such tool is Automatic Stealth Seamer™ manufactured by Omni Cubed, Inc., a company from California, USA.

Stealth Seamer™ includes two seam setters with two vacuum cups on each setter, which are connected to an electric compressor that maintains a constant vacuum during installation.
There are four levelling points for aligning the countertops and a smooth-turning roller that closes seams with ease once epoxy has been applied.
Stealth Seamer™ is made of high-quality materials and comes with a practical storage case.

Monika Gierej (Para Cor):
We have received many offers presenting tools that allow a “seamless” installation.
We often install large countertops that consist of more parts. Our clients are exacting and they expect seams to be invisible. This is never an easy task and only a few of our installers have the experience and skill to make it happen. Finding such installers is difficult, and so we were looking for a tool that would allow for a precise installation by less experienced installers.
We always make careful investment decisions, which is why we considered a number of offers. By deciding to purchase Automatic Stealth Seamer™ by Omni Cubed we have made the right choice.

We have been using the seamer since September and the seams are virtually invisible. For us it was also important that our installers quickly learnt to handle the tool and install countertops without any troubles. Now the seams always meet our clients’ expectations.

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Tomazs Rogala | Published: 05.11.2018