Volvo Construction introduces new Volvo EC350E model

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A new engine, smart functions, and above-standard equipment

An innovation in the area of crawler excavators was announced by Volvo Construction producer. The Model EC350E is a successor of the successful types Volvo EC300E and EC380E. But as is often the case with innovations, it, of course, offers something more. An advantage for the owners of construction companies will definitely be the overall height of the machine which does not go over 4 metres. This means that it can be transported on a low-loader without the need for dismantling.




Operation costs on minimum

The list of innovations in the “crawler” EC350E is actually quite extensive. New engines Volvo D8M reach the maximum torque already on 1,600 rpm, they comply with the emission regulations Tier4 / Stage V. They offer higher fuel effectiveness (the manufacturer claims up to 10 % compared with the previous generation). Innovated electro-hydraulic control with Comfort Drive Control function contributes to higher productivity. This means that the excavator can be comfortably controlled with ergonomic joysticks. This solution helps to decrease the tiredness of the operator during longer shifts. The use of electro-hydraulic control has decreased the number of hoses and hydraulic connectors; the machine is in this way easier to maintain and in comparison with conventional excavators, the most sensitive parts of the excavator are protected against corrosion.



The improved ECO regime, the function of automatic idling, or engine shutdown during inaction also improve the fuel efficiency. The developers from Volvo have also thought about other improvements that increase the comfort but also the lifespan of the excavator: automatic regeneration of the filter of solid particles or delayed switch-off of the engine must be present. This function, apart from other things, protects the turbocharger against the influence of temperature fluctuations.


New or improved functions

The new Volvo EC350E has been given also a whole number of other useful functions and assistants. The popular VAC („Volvo Active Control”) is also there. It takes care of the automatic balancing of the boom and bucket. The system, that has already been tested on the Nort American market, helps the operators to keep the right angle and depth during levelling of the terrain and digging works. This means up to 45% of time savings as a result. VAC is an ideal helper everywhere where the operators need to deal with obstacles in the form of, for example, electric lines, cables or different kinds of pipelines. Set the height / depth of the bucket, but also the stops of the turn of the bucket.

All the functions that the new model might contain (for example the Dig Assist, 2D or 3D modelling, integrated weighing system etc.) can be comfortably controlled by a finger on the new 10″ tablet Volvo Co-pilot.



Fully programmable buttons on the joystick are an interesting addition to the new model. You can assign particular functions to individual buttons on a colour display; the operator has got a huge number of pre-programmed algorithms at his disposal, for all kinds of work (loading of material with or without the travel, digging works etc.).  For example, there are 9 programmed modes for the choice of working regimes (the ratio of performance transformed into the travel system / boom); this function is especially good, for example, for a repeated working cycles of the “travel-stop-loading” type.  There are also programmable speeds for boom lowering (11 modes). The crew that does not make compromises in comfort will definitely appreciate the possibility to switch on the function of reducing the shock when stopping the boom and the arm.


Safety overall

In the area of safety, Volvo is traditionally among the best to be found on the market. The cab has a special Care Cab adjustment; the result is minimal transmission of vibrations and excellent noise level inside.



Good visibility in all directions is ensured by the undivided front glass from one piece. There are new treads with anti-slipping protection and handrails with three firm points for gripping. The upper handrail can be, in the case of transportation of the machine on a low loader, easily lowered. It is a useful detail. An advanced system of side and back cameras is hidden under the market name Volvo Smart View. They plastically transfer the reality to the display in the cab of the machine. The operator can see in any moment all that is happening on the construction site.  There is the overall “bird’s eye view” (combination of the view of all four cameras), or it can be changed, according to the need, to a concrete camera (for example when turning or reversing).


Nice details

According to available information we get the idea of how much care was dedicated to small details of the machine. What caught our attention is, for example, the cap of the tank for AdBlue liquid which is very sensitively put under the stairs into the cab. It is possible to lock it and it has a special outlet hose, so that no liquid gets in contact, during the manipulation, with alloys of aluminium or copper because it can have corrosive effects.



In conclusion

New, medium class excavator from Volvo has stepped into densely populated competitive segment with a great confidence. The sheer size of its equipment, abilities and a whole range of smartly solved details is worth of the attention.





Source: Lomy a těžba