Metamorphogenic marbles

These marbles usually have a more favourable strength, abrasion and resistance to weather conditions than sedimentogenic marbles, but they are somewhat more difficult to process and are not so colourful. Thanks to these properties, they are mainly used for paving and tiling of staircases, they can also be used in architecture and sculpture.

Sněžníkov marble (Ústní nad Orlicí district) – white to yellow-white with grey to grey-black smudges. It is currently the largest and most used marble deposit in our country. In the past, it was used abroad mainly in Germany and the USA.

Lipov marbles (Jeseník district) – types: Lipov white, Lipov striped or grey, and Lipov dark or black. They are widely used for interior tiling or paving, mainly in representative buildings, such as the Hotel International Prague and metro stations such as Vyšehrad, Museum C, Hradčanská.

Supíkovice marble (Jeseník district) – grey, grey-white to white with stripes or smudges. It was used to build the Reichstag and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

Source: Lomy a těžba