Polished stone is always an elegant piece of art

pohled ze shora na několik pater schodů pod sebou

A stone is traditional material which is suitable for the most modern interiors. Ennobled stone can be found on floors, walls, and stairs. It can be used for luxuriously looking surface of a desk, windowsill, washbasin or even a bath from single piece of stone. A kitchen with stone surface desk looks just awesome. If a desk is from single piece of stone, the surface of the desk is easy to maintain in hygienic conditions. You do not have to solve any interstice where dirt easily finds its way. The stone can be made-to-measure.

Polished stone is used most for headstones and gravestones. Marble, granite, travertine, sandstone and talc. A slate can also be used for pavement and tiling.

Smooth or natural look

Polished stone does not stand alone with its luxurious look but coarse-grained sandstone make a good impression also. When used for tiling or pavement, irregular chunks and wide interstice create pleasant rustic look. These stones can be used only for sturdy walls in respect of their weight.

A floor is usually paved by granite which is known for its hardness. It is also resistant to chemical solutions. The granite can be used in polished, matte or burned version. Burning is important in respect of elimination of wet and slippery quality of surface.

Marble is a symbol of luxury for some people, but it is also prone to chemical or mechanical damage which can be solved by regular application of natural oil.

Even the most resistant stones need proper treatment.

If the stone faded, it is very easy to restore original look by a special polish. If the stone is placed in interior, it can be used universally. After polishing old colours and its patterns are restored. You can achieve a high gloss after drying out and polishing it by a dry cloth. Stone surface will be water-repellent.

Brushed (antico) or burned (fiammato) surfacing lose their colours and patterns. Therefore, we recommend to impregnate the stone in order to highlight its properties.

There are special cleaning agents for cleaning stones.  At home it is enough to use clean water and cleaning agents with neutral pH. A soap can be used in its liquid form without phosphate. It is necessary to wash soap away properly. Due to slippery surface it is recommend to dry it out immediately.

The stone accompanies a man even after his life.

Grave ledgers or other shapes of stones decorate places of rest of our close friends. They are resistant to weather conditions and a faded grave ledger can be restored by regrinding to find its former glory.

A grave ledger made from granite or variecoloured sandstone with gold plated inscription create a respectable place for memories. Good-looking and resistant granite can serve as an aggregate for a path close to the grave.

Source: www.ceskestavby.cz