Gabions in interiors and as part of building structures

pohled na zeď z gabionů, což je konstrukce vysypaná různým typem kamením tvořící zeď

Gabion, or a cage that reliably holds contents together, is a new special garden or interior element for those who look for something original. Particularly, inside a house or apartment it looks really surprising. The decorative wire cages are usually filled with stones. Ceramics, bark or hardwood may also be used for that as well as crushed concrete or sand in building structures.

Will you be able to use it?

If you are curious about how gabion could be used by you, but you do not want to experiment with this novelty on your own, contact one of the established companies. Of course, professional advice should be part of the offer. It will help you if you are not sure where to use the gabion and how to deal with its installation technically.

It is especially important to choose a suitable construction and mesh, which might be difficult laypeople to deal with. The price quotation will depend on the complexity of the proposed solution. Companies usually offer this for free. Simply, require complete service, from initial consultation to final delivery.

Gabiony v interiéru

Simple and yet really decorative

Stones of various colours look really great in the wire basket. They can even be used to create simple ornaments and shapes such as ripples.

Stones of different fractions are used. The size of the mesh should correspond to the sizes of stones. From the view side, there should be a stone that is 1.5 to 3 times the size of the mesh.

Stones or wood formed into a regular square shape by a metal net can form a table base or solid shelves. Gabions can be also used to create stairs, flower pots or flower troughs. According to the type of metal construction, they are designed for outdoor or indoor use. As for the interior, galvanized construction will be sufficient.

However, if you use stainless steel wire, which is more resistant and can also be used in water, really interesting installations may come into existence.

Gabiony v interiéru
Gabiony v interiéru

Illusion of nature

Gabion inspire flower lovers to be enliven with green elements, preferably either with plants that climb or have long tendrils hanging down.

An aquarium or a cage with exotic birds with a piece of inanimate nature, a gabion, in the background can look beautiful. It is up to you whether it is a column, a straight or round low wall or the whole wall, even the load-bearing one. The use of gabion should therefore be considered by both those who want to decorate an existing dwelling and those who are just starting to build a new house.

As the wire form filled with stones is a non-flammable element, it is also often incorporated into the space around the fireplace in houses or common rooms.

You will certainly be able to handle rough design yourself, but still, an architect or designer has professionally refined spatial imagination and may give you good advice.

Gabiony v interiéru
Gabiony v interiéru

Architectural elements using gabion give the impression of modernity and luxury, however, basic construction is available to everyone. Assembly is done in a dry way, so it is relatively inexpensive. As there is no need to stick or connect anything, the work around the gabion is clean and fast. The design does not have to be definitive, it can be changed over time. The filling material is simply removed and reused with another type of cage.

Gabiony v interiéru
Gabiony v interiéru
Gabiony v interiéru