Easy maintenance of stone tiles

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It is easy to maintain the surface of natural stone tiles – because stone repels water, it is enough to wipe or rinse the tiles. If you want to give your stone tiles something extra, then impregnate them regularly.


Travertine is a very light rock of whitish yellow to yellow-brown colour. Sometimes it can be coloured red, but it can be artificially adjusted to other shades. It is especially popular for its unique appearance, because patterns on its surface are very imaginative and original. Travertine is ideal for modern interiors and representative spaces. It is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and damp, it is frost-resistant, tolerant of alternations in temperature and it has good insulating properties.

Přírodní kámen - originální úložný prostor v obložené stěně


Granite is a deep igneous rock usually coloured grey with blue shade, red granite is also well-known. Granite is very resistant to scratches and loads, so in interiors, it is used for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, etc.


Gneiss is one of the most suitable and durable materials for stone tiles. It is characterized by high strength, low water absorption, top frost resistance and high resistance to chemicals. This natural stone attracts not only with its properties, but also with its beautiful neutral colour.


Sandstone is a durable material of a wide range of colours in warm tones, with which every covering looks very attractive. Chipped sandstone slabs do not have a back and a face, and it is only you who choose the surface you like, which provides you with a variety of sandstone hues. Chipped sandstone facing is usually folded and glued into stone strips, which are very easy to apply    to the wall.

Obklad ze štípaného kamene


Slate is a natural building stone that offers, in addition to its hardness, flexibility, durability and excellent insulating properties, a wide range of colours and sizes for interior use. Due to petrographic composition (depending on mica content), some kinds of slate shine beautifully and change their colour in the sun and. The colours of slate are rather dark-black, green, purple. Splitting, via which attractive irregular surface is acquired, is a typical surface finish of slate.


Onyx is one of the most luxurious commonly distributed. It is a kind of quartz suitable for interiors in particular, where thanks to its unique qualities it makes a pleasant atmosphere. There is another special property of Onyx that can be used in your interior, it transmits light! When illuminated, some interesting effects can be achieved.


Quartzite is a natural stone with extreme hardness, durability and a wide range of colours. It is a completely unique and high-quality material which brings captivating charm to any environment. Irregularly-shaped quartzite is perfect cladding for staircases, walls, fireplaces or window sills. Stones from the same deposit slightly differ from each other in shades, which results in unique appearance of the tiled surface, which is uneven and visually interesting.

Koupelna z přírodního kamene


Marble is synonymous with luxury and beauty. Thanks to its structure it looks luxurious and exclusive in the interior. The colour range of marble is really varied, from white, beige, pink, through various shades of all colours, to chocolate brown and black. For example, dark colours and streaks on light marbles are caused by scattered graphite. You can use marble for window sills, floors, wall tiles, bathrooms, or fireplace tiles. Apart from original design, you will certainly appreciate simple maintenance and excellent thermal insulation properties. Thanks to a special impregnation, the stone does not absorb water, its surface is not slippery and even water drops are not visible.

Přírodní kámen v kuchyni
Přírodní kámen v kuchyni
Přírodní kámen v kuchyni
Přírodní kámen v kuchyni
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