Natural stone for your flat or garden

Natural stone has always been one of the most popular building materials. It has never gone out of fashion. Natural stone tiles and veneer can be used both in the interior and exterior.

There is a wide variety of ways as well as places where natural stone can be utilized. Its greatest advantage is a high utility value. It is a high-grade material with unparalleled technical properties. Furthermore, every piece is an original, which cannot be said about artificial stone made of concrete.

Shapes, colouring and veining of natural stone are unique and irreproducible. The appearance of certain stones, especially sedimentary rocks (sandstone or limestone), allow us to identify the geological processes that formed them.

Natural stone is ideal for special, untypical, and original solutions. This is true especially for limestone, sandstone and slate. Polished marble or travertine also look fantastic when used in the interior and exterior.

Natural stone is a good-quality and durable material that is exceptionally easy to maintain and can be successfully combined with other materials. It is versatile and fairly affordable.

Natural stone can be worked into various shapes, sizes, thickness, and colour varieties. The selection ranges from natural, classical, or polished surfaces, to irregular as well as regular format, various dimensions, and cut or chopped edges. There is a wide selection of stone tiles, and even a wider selection of natural stone veneer. Customers can choose from larger formats, or textured or smooth thin strips.

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