Natural stone for your flat, house, and garden

Why should you choose natural stone? Simply because it is flawless, unique, beautiful and imperishable. Whichever type of natural stone you choose, it will always be original. Stone looks great in the house or in the garden. Stone veneer can be used on the interior as well exterior walls of the house and it looks representative in public spaces, too. Natural stone is also widely used in cemeteries.

Unique and original

All types of natural stone are unique and original. It is impossible to find two stones that would be exactly the same. Natural stone is remarkable for its outstanding qualities – it is not a unified and homogeneous man-made material. The way natural stone was formed millions of years ago gave it an unparalleled and natural quality.

We can say that no building material comes in as many varieties as natural stone. Not only every type of stone, but also the same type of different origin or from a different locality has a different colour, structure, veining and utilization. The beauty of natural stone intensifies with time. In this respect, natural stone is comparable only with wood, which also ages well, but is a lot less durable (only a fraction of  the durability of stone).

Natural stone is ideal for tailor-made solutions. It is suitable and affordable for all. The only issue might be a higher price tag on some types of stone and certain surface finishes. Natural stone can help create a unique and original atmosphere in our flat, house, and even the whole street.

Using natural stone in the interior

In the interior natural stone can be used for veneer, tiles, and various elements in the bathroom (e.g. bathroom countertops or stone washbasins). It can serve as the main building material for fireplaces, mantelpieces, kitchen countertops (often in combination with a stone veneer behind the countertop). Balustrades, window sills, staircases, bowls, vases, but also unique decorations and art pieces can be all made of natural stone.

Using natural stone in the exterior

There are even more ways to utilize natural stone in the exterior than they are in the interior. We can use stone veneer to face skirting, facades, or brick low walls. We can also use stone to build low or retaining walls and other elements, pave pavements and roads. Natural stone goes exceptionally well with swimming pools, ponds, fountains, and it looks great in gabions. We can also use natural stone to build outdoor fireplaces, campfire rings, smoking houses, garden furniture or benches, terraces, outdoor staircases, or rock gardens. We can line flower beds or vegetable patches with stone, or install stepping stones in the garden. Chimney cowls, fountains, and birdbaths can also be made of natural stone. We can utilize stone for small decorative objects, use it in larger areas or for solitaires. Stone can be a decorative or a fully functional element.