Doosan introduces the new DX225LC-7 crawler excavator

Doosan has launched the first of a new generation of medium-sized excavators. The new 23-tonne DX225LC-7 meets the requirements of the Stage V emission standard. It is also the first Doosan excavator of this size to be equipped with the innovative Doosan D-ECOPOWER virtual deaeration (VBO) technology. This allows the operator to achieve higher productivity and approximately 7% lower fuel consumption per hour than the previous Stage IV model, and also provides smoother control.


Heavier counterweights

New features on the DX225LC-7 include a 14% heavier 4.9 tonne standard counterweight, which is especially suitable for working with heavier attachments such as tilt rotators. The DX225LC-7 also includes a new lifting eye as standard, which is part of the casting of the pushing element for connecting the bucket at the end of the arm. The new lifting eye has a maximum load capacity of 5 tons and contains a special case insert to prevent deformation of the lifting hole.


Tilting rotator mode

A new Tilt Rotator mode is available on the DX225LC-7 control panel, which can be selected to provide optimized hydraulic flow to help maximize the accuracy of the tilt rotator by removing back pressure.


Fine rotation function

Another standard feature is the Fine Rotation feature, which minimizes shocks that affect the raised object when starting or stopping the excavator’s rotary movement in order to increase the safety of the workers around and prevent damage caused by the object falling down from the excavator.


Improved maneuverability and comfort

The technically advanced cab of the DX225LC-7, in addition to being spacious and ergonomic, takes operator comfort and ease of use to an unprecedented level. Like all other Doosan Stage V models, the cab has a new high-quality seat and offers more functions than other machines on the market as standard, ensuring excellent maneuverability and high accuracy in all applications.


Doosan D-ECOPOWER technology

Doosan’s D-ECOPOWER technology uses an electronic pressure-controlled pump in a closed-center hydraulic system to increase productivity by up to 26% and improve fuel consumption by 7%, depending on the mode selected. The closed-center main control valve minimizes pressure losses, while the electric pressure-controlled pump controls and optimizes motor performance more efficiently.


New Stage V engine

To meet emissions regulations for Stage V engines, the new DX225LC-7 excavator is powered by the latest generation Doosan DL06V diesel engine, which delivers 129 kW (176 hp) at 1800 rpm.


SPC3 intelligent power management

With the DX225LC-7 model, Doosan is working to ensure that productivity and environmental protection go hand in hand. The increased fuel efficiency of the DL06V engine in combination with the new hydraulic main valve and the new generation of intelligent power control SPC3 brings increased fuel savings, namely + 7% in S mode and + 6% in P + mode.


DoosanCONNECT telematics system

The new DX225LC-7 is equipped with the state-of-the-art DoosanCONNECT fleet monitoring system from Doosan as standard.



Source: Lomy a těžba