DYNASIL EPS helps preserve the stone’s colours and improves the appearance of the surface – it highlights the structure of the material and increases the contrast between the different coloured grains that make up the stone. Depending on the thickness of the coating different effects can be achieved. With a thin layer it gives a slight shine, the shine deepening with each subsequent layer. The coating can also be polished to a full mirror effect.


Another feature is that the surface is easy to repair. Dull or worn down surfaces can simply be polished with felt pads. Deeper scratches can be removed with fine abrasives or filled with a spot application of EPS. Heavily worn down surfaces can be recoated with an application of a new EPS layer – without any additional preparatory work other than cleaning and degreasing.

Coating is quick – after approx. 5-6 hours pedestrian traffic is possible, and so is vehicular traffic after 24 hours. The application of EPS does not require priming or any other special preparation. All this makes it possible to restore the surface to be used again in a short time. Full mechanical resistance of EPS is achieved after 7-12 days.

DYNASIL EPS is applied with standard tools used for resin or varnish, i. e. a brush, roller, microfibre pad or low pressure spray. Product capacity is 50-150 g/m2 – on hard stone floors made of granite or similar materials 1 kg should be sufficient to cover approx. 20-25 m2.

Surfaces treated with DYNASIL EPS are not slippery, and even when wet they retain clear anti-slip properties. This extends the possible applications in areas where frequent wetting occurs, such as car washes.

DYNASIL EPS is also a safe product, containing no harmful solvents.


Before the application of DYNASIL EPS


After the application of DYNASIL EPS


Briefly about EPS:

  • Single-component, ready to apply, no mixing or dosing of ingredients required
  • Colourless, glossy, “wet look effect”
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis
  • High thermal resistance
  • Resistant to abrasion and scratching
  • Excellent penetration and adhesion to the surface
  • Anti-slip properties, including on wet surfaces


For those who want to know:

All the properties of DYNASIL EPS are the result of using a new polymer modified with silane and combining the properties of both. The abrasion and scratch resistance is due to the hard polymers of the two-component resins, the flexibility and non-flammability are due to the silane, and the replacement of the chemical catalyst with silicate – which polymerises in the presence of moisture – has made it possible to obtain a one-component self-curing product.

The low viscosity and physical-chemical properties of the polymer mean that it easily penetrates the pores of materials and can be used for stain-resistant and reinforcing waterproofing. For weak, loose materials, DYNASIL EPS acts as a deep penetrating reinforcing binder.




Source: Kurier Kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski   |   Published: 17.11.2020