DYNASIL Renowal KR-Eco is a preparation with the same power of action as strong and aggressive acids, but without volatile and evaporating components, completely biodegradable and ecological.


DYNASIL Renowal KR-Eco is a new cleaning agent introduced to the market by Consil from Cracow (Poland). It is used to remove various types of dirt from the surface of stone, clinker and stoneware. It can be used to remove traces of cement, cement laitance, washing out efflorescence from mortar or used as a rust remover.

Mirosław Krasowski, the owner of Consil: KR-Eco is a new solution to the common problem of efflorescence and mortar staining. It took us almost a year to fulfil all the assumptions and develop the final formula. KR-Eco is not just mixed acids. This product has been well thought out and well developed. It has a sophisticated formulation and works at least as well as hydrochloric acid. And at the same time it is not as smelly, staining and corrosive.

It is a mixture of acids of natural origin and mild cleaning agents. The base ingredient in KR-Eco is an acid produced from tomatoes. Although this may sound surprising, in an appropriately selected composition its effectiveness is comparable to that of much more aggressive substances of synthetic origin. At the same time, other components are selected in such a way that they do not evaporate as there are no volatile substances in it – vapours are no problem during the application of KR-Eco. The preparation does not require strong rinsing out, so it is good for indoor works.

In addition to natural acids, the formulation contains numerous additives that enhance its effectiveness. All ingredients are biodegradable, though. Despite this, the product has a very strong effect. In comparative tests with hydrochloric acid, it showed the same potency. At the same time, it is non-evaporating, non-corrosive and, above all, does not have such an intense and unpleasant odour.



Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski   |   Published: 18.5.2020