Bathrooms made of natural stone – a marble bathtub

When planning the design of a house or its individual rooms using natural stone materials, the bathroom deserves special attention. It is the place where people begin and end their day, where they can relax, take care of their bodies and get a positive emotional vibe.


In addition to decorating walls and floor with natural stone slabs, it is possible to install a sink in the bathroom and even a bathtub itself made of this natural material. Few people know that bathtubs were originally made of stone, and the process took quite a long time. You had to create a convenient bowl of the right shape and size from a single block, and the tools were quite primitive. Now, with the development of natural stone processing technology, the process has been greatly simplified, allowing anyone to become the owner of a beautiful, durable and long-lasting bathtub of marble, granite or onyx.

Stone has long been known for its energy, a positive effect on human health and emotional well-being. Neither cast iron, nor steel, nor acrylic baths provide such an amazing effect as products made of granite, marble or other types of natural stone. Of course, bathtubs made of stone are still expensive, but their luxurious appearance, exclusive design, as well as the healing and harmonizing effect they have on people is worth the money. Marble, granite or onyx bathtubs are a proof of their owner’s wealth, impeccable taste and desire to make his or her interior really unique.



A marble facing implies having a bathtub made of the same material. Despite its porosity and malleability of processing, marble is quite durable and hard-wearing, so products made of it can serve their owners for many decades. This type of natural stone is characterized by a variety of colours and shades, and natural pattern gives a marble bath its exquisiteness and exclusivity.

Marble baths are made from a single block, which makes the finished product durable and airtight. The interior is usually finished in a matt or glossy finish, while the exterior of the bathtub can be roughly textured.