Unique technology

A really great advantage that makes this rig different from those from other manufacturers, is a massive revolving superstructure which, offers great kinetic possibilities in demanding working conditions and a very quiet Volvo engine. The controlling software of the drilling itself reacts very precisely.


A true innovation for the Czech market, is the use of a unique technology “Rockpulse” which captures and collects “sterile” hammer blows. The purpose of this system is to prolong the life-span of the adapter and the whole drilling device.

The drilling of the exploratory wells was also a test of the possibilities of the Ranger DX800i drilling rig. It has completely passed the test. The drilling foreman, Petr Bercha, from the company Austin Powder; Jakub Špirk – a company representative for Rocktech, the manager of service, Luboš Vaněk, and Miloš Kánský for the company Sandvik CZ, all participated on the exploratory drilling.


Sandvik/Rocktech – other activities

Currently, the Rocktech company is doing exploratory drilling at localities in the Czech Republic with Ranger DX800i and Pantera DP110i drilling rigs. These activities and the results of testing drills will be published in one of the future volumes of Quarries and Mining. As you can see, the increased activities at “Sandvik” are obvious. And with the overall change of strategy for Central Europe, we can expect many surprises, which is definitely a good thing.



Source: Lomy a těžba