What is a stone carpet and where to apply it

Even in floor centers or department stores with classic carpets, you will not find one carpet in 30 color shades, which is possible with natural aggregates, from which stone carpets are made. If you are looking for the ideal surface for your driveway to the garage, the path to the garden or the floor for the terrace, in all and many other cases you can use a stone carpet.


Where the stone carpet can be used

The surface of natural pebbles glued with liquid resin provides a universal final surface, which can be applied to various types of not only outdoor but also indoor surfaces as well as floors or stairs. Thanks to these materials, a seamless solid surface is created, which is called a stone carpet. It can also be used as a material for the renovation of unsightly concrete surfaces and older surfaces that need to be changed and restored in full functionality. As a result, a properly laid and dried stone carpet is stronger than concrete.



The stone carpet simplifies the process od laying in many ways, as natural pebbles with a binder based on epoxies, well mixed with each other in advance, are poured directly onto the base surface. This can be asphalt, compacted gravel, concrete, anhydrite, tiles, paving, interlocking pavers and other surfaces, such as gravel. The stone carpet is therefore also ideal for renovation, when the base surface is not perfectly flat or without damage. We can use geotextiles as an intermediate layer. As a result, the resin does not flow into a discontinuous substrate, such as gravel. The resin thus forms a self-supporting surface, which is also frost-resistant. The binder in the stone carpet works along with the ice, so it does not tear in frost. A vibrating plate is used to level the stone carpet. The stone carpet is walkable after only 24 hours of drying, only if it is made as a garage floor or driveway, we do not enter it until it is completely dry.


Prices and companie

Although the installation of a stone carpet can be done by any craftsman, but also by a more skilled layman, you can also order the material from companies with laying. The price of the material per 1 m2 of stone carpet is around CZK 300, and for work per 1 m2 you also pay around CZK 300 by the company.



Text: Zuzana Bohdalová

Foto: shutterstock.com

Source: moje-bydleni.com