Doosan launches new DX57W-7 wheeled excavator

Nové kolové rýpadlo DX57W-7

Doosan has launched a new 5-ton DX57W-7 wheeled excavator that meets Stage V emission requirements. In addition to the new engine, the DX57W-7 brings a host of new features for greater comfort, convenience and connectivity while maintaining optimum performance, durability and fuel efficiency. The new excavator comes standard with the latest DoosanCONNECT telematics management system.


Equipment and settings

Other standard features include an in-dash stereo system (with Bluetooth streaming), along with a USB charger in the cabin. As an option, the excavator offers a new omnidirectional camera providing a 360° view around the machine and ultrasonic obstacle detection for increased safety during operation.

The steering wheel can be adjusted to ideally suit the operator. The position and angle of the seat, as well as the position of the brackets, can be adjusted independently of each other. The adjustable seat backrest and lumbar support also contribute to comfort. Seat heating is standard.

The DX57W-7 is powered by a 42.5 kW (57 hp) Doosan D24 Stage V engine. The operational weight of the DX57W-7, standard in single tyre configuration and equipped with a 0.175 m3 bucket, is 5.88 tons. A dual tyre configuration is available as an option. The DX57W-7 offers two travel speed ranges with a top speed of 30 km/h.


Wide range of applications

In addition to routine trenching and earthmoving operations, the DX57W-7’s excellent stability and lifting capacity allow the excavator to be used for applications such as loading and unloading trucks and moving pipes and materials. For maximum safety in all lifting operations, the new model is equipped with an overload warning device and safety valves in the hydraulic systems of the boom and dozer blade.

The chassis consists of a solid, welded frame that provides excellent durability. Hydraulic line routes, gearbox protection and heavy-duty axles make the chassis ideal for wheeled excavator applications.


Brief specifications of the Doosan DX57W-7

Bucket 0,175m3

Operational weight 5790-5920 kg

Excavation depth (shoulder 1.9 m) 3795 mm

Excavation reach (1.9 m arm) 6400 mm

Excavation height (shoulder 1.9 m) 6170 mm

Wheelbase 2100 mm

Overall width (individual wheels) 1920 mm

Overall height (standard front) 2855 mm

Overall length (standard front section) 6120 mm

Rear turning radius 1650 mm

Bucket digging force (1.6 m arm) (ISO) 4.2 t

Digging arm force (1.6 m boom) (ISO) 2.8 t

Lifting capacity at ground level (over the front side) 1.25 t at 5.0 m

Maximum travel speed 30 km/h

Engine (SAE J1349) Doosan D24 Stage V 42,5 kW (57 hp) at 2400 rpm



Source: Lomy a těžba

Published: 1.6.2021