Reclamation of the Ševětín quarry and the new Kolný / Ševětín quarry

The project involves reclamation of the old site of the Ševětín quarry and setting up the mining and building stone modification area in the new locality of the Ševětín – Kolný quarry. An important benefit of the project is that the entire line is located further away from the municipality of Ševětín, the quarry is located in the forest and it is 15 meters high at its highest point, instead of a 25 meter high sorting plant, covered on all sides by thick forest.


Another advantage is the reduction of emission noise and dust from traffic and the treatment of aggregates for the citizens of the town of Ševětín and, last but not least, the maintenance and support of employment in the locality, towns and municipalities in the area.

The project involves an extensive reclamation of the existing Ševětín quarry, where a leisure time area is to be created – Lesopark Nová Kopanina – a recreation zone, forest park and a lake.

The project is being prepared on the basis of the latest practices with the best intentions, with a commitment to continue a joint path and supporting the project both with the management of the town of Ševětín and other nearby settlements affected by the activity.

The project was introduced by the representatives of the Kámen a písek company, Pavel Fučík, Managing and Sales Director, and Otakar Veselý Jr., Deputy CEO and Production and Technical Director.


A varied program

Visitors could also try the historic Caterpillar bulldozer, panning for gold, crossbow shooting and manual stone crushing. A ropeway and a helicopter flight were prepared for the brave. The local Blaťák folklore ensemble and the Ševětín municipality football team, both sponsored by the company, gave stage performances. The peak point of the celebrations was a rock concert and at the same time an amazing light show. The pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the quarry was completed by sunny weather, excellent culinary specialties and excellent wine tasting.

In short, the Kámen a písek company wants to fulfill the motto “how to be a good neighbor and provide stone with a heart”.

We wish this motto to stay true for the Kámen a písek company.



Source: Lomy a těžba