Some stairs, or a slab for the wall. Sometimes a fireplace or a simple table is presented as a variation. This is usually what it was.

There are, of course, companies that cooperate with interior designers, but they tend to treat this as a good “job” and do not come up with many innovative ideas.

It is rather strange, because what is innovative and original usually has a price higher than the one resulting from a simple calculation: material + labour + a small profit. The higher price for a designer project does not bother the clients anymore. Lamps are an example. If you choose the three most expensive lamps in any lighting store, they are usually those with the logo of the design company or the designer’s signature on the label. The price, of course, does not reduce the customers’ interest in them, even if their design is extremely simple or ordinary.

Lex Pott is a young designer from the Netherlands. He was born in 1985 and studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, from which he graduated with honours in 2009.

Since his graduation until now, he has won many awards and collaborated with many companies. His works are exhibited all over the world – including the USA, Sweden, Dubai, Italy and Germany. They will conquer both galleries and commercial expositions of companies with which the artist has collaborated. Pott has worked for companies such as &Tradition and Hay, and many magazines around the world have written about his projects, not least because of the awards he has won in various competitions.

Lex Pott prefers to work with natural materials: wood, stone and metal. These are materials used quite commonly, so the uniqueness of his designs is even greater. And since Pott’s projects mostly concern furniture, he was asked in an interview if it wasn’t boring to work within such a limited theme. In response, the designer remarked that it all comes down to the way the ‘story’ is told, the colours and emotions the finished project evokes – “people change, therefore objects must change”.

The work presented in the photographs is a project entitled ‘Fragments’. The works were created in collaboration with ‘The Future Perfect’, the New York gallery where they are currently on display. Belgian Bluestone granite and several types of marble were used. For this series, Lex Pott was inspired by the look of the stone as seen in quarries and sought to bring out the beauty of natural structures and fragments. In the series of works, he juxtaposed raw rock fragments with their worked and polished version. The result is amazing furniture on the borderline between design and art.

This furniture can, of course, be purchased. The prices range from a dozen to several dozen thousand dollars. As you can see – a designer’s idea put into stone can bring quite a decent income.

More photos of Lex Pott’s works and a link to the video on the preparation of the “Fragments” exhibition can be found on our profile: www.facebook.com/KurierKamieniarski.

We would like to thank Lex Pott, for his help with the preparation of the article and for providing the photos.

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Kurier kamieniarski | Published: 22.10. 2016