Toulovcovy Maštale – a rock paradise

The Toulovcovy Maštale Nature Reserve is one of the most interesting places in our country. It is an area of pine forests and sandstone rock formations of Toulovcovy and Městská Maštale.

The area lies southwest of the town of Litomyšl, between Proseč, Budislav and Příluka. The central part is Toulovcovy maštale with narrow streets and a hint of the development of a rock city. The rocks are upper cretaceous sandstones of marine origin. The narrow gorges here create a hidden rock town, which is interwoven with a system of passages, caves and holes with attractive names such as Kitchen (Kuchyň), Cellar (Sklep), Bedroom (Ložnice), Mouse Hole (Myší díra) or Bell (Zvon).

Next to it are the so-called Městské maštale (City Stables) with the rock formations Liščí doupě (Fox’s Den), Hrad (Castle) and Deštník (Umbrella). Nearby you will also find the Kolumbovo vejce (Columbus’ Egg) rock formation and Budislavské skály (the Budislav Rocks) with a sandstone labyrith.

The area is crisscrossed by marked hiking and cycling trails.

In short, Toulovcovy Maštale (Stables) is truly a rock paradise.

Source: Lomy a těžba