zašlé kamenné obklady okopané, zničené

We are in the very centre of Wroclaw, at the corner of St. Anthony and Kazimierz Wielki streets. The gateway to the quarter of four religions – a fashionable, popular and at the same time very beautiful part of the city.

The building where the Nowe Horyzonty cinema is located. Thousands of local citizens and even more tourists pass through here every day… And it is here that the “magnificent monument” of stonemasonry stands.

Loose slabs, uneven joints, scratches, fading, stains, torn anchors… It is a wonder that nothing has fallen on anyone’s head here so far. There is no single plate in here that is not damaged or poorly anchored. There are cut-outs around the gutters and stairs that look like they were carved with a handsaw at an elementary school shop class.

Is there a better way?!

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Paweł Szambelan   |   Published: 13 November 2019