Do you fancy the idea of a stone windowsill with a colourful oriental pattern? Would you like to have a stylish tabletop featuring a reproduction of a famous painting? How about kitchen countertops or bathroom tiles that match the interior of your house? All this is possible today. Latest technologies allow us to print digital images on both natural and artificial stone with accuracy that surpasses the quality of your holiday photos. This is UV technology at its best.

Not only printers or advertising agencies can benefit from the development of digital printing. Inkjet printing and UV curing allow us to transfer any image on virtually any surface. The customer can choose any image or make their own personalized designs and styles.

Artemis Orion is a flatbed plotter that allows for highly accurate and good quality prints on flat surfaces. The machine can print images on materials weighing up to 300 kg with the dimensions up to 305 x 205 cm. The resolution of 2880 dpi allows for an accurate and realistic printing on stone slabs and tiles, small architectural elements and promotional merchandise.

Artemis Orion is an exceptionally versatile and comprehensively configurable device. It is a heavy industry machine suitable for large production, but also individual custom-made orders, or the production of prototypes. The plotter can be used for a variety of materials, e.g. glass, ceramics, furniture and plastics, as well as all materials used in the advertising industry. With Artemis Orion you can expand the range of services and make your products more competitive in terms of both price and quality. Components made by well-known brands, such as Konica Minolta printheads or Panasonic motors, ensure good high speed (up to 82 m2/h) and reliability.

Operation speed

Unlike the traditional inkjet printing method known from e.g. desktop printers where the ink is absorbed by the printing medium, in UV printing UV light dries the ink as soon as it is applied on the surface. UV prints are resistant to water, light, biological factors, external conditions (sun, humidity, temperature changes), and mechanical factors (scratches, abrasion).

Since the UV printing technology does not require any time for drying, the printing medium is immediately ready for use, installation, or further cutting and processing. This means a significantly reduced production time.

UV prints do not require any additional protection, such as varnish or laminate, and are ready to used once the printing is complete.


The stability of the Artemis Orion plotter, which is evidenced by its weight, results in accurate prints. The frame of the machine has an aluminium honeycomb structure. The printhead carriage is made of one piece. The linear bearings and slides are made by Igus, the best producer of linear actuators in the world. Artemis Orion is equipped with integration lamps whose working life, performance and quality surpass the lamps used by rival brands.

The system used in Artemis Orion: intelligent set of graphic lines, automatic measuring of the printing medium, antistatic deionization strip, ink degassing system, circulation of white ink and a system of the printhead cleaning makes Artemis Orion one of the best plotters when it comes to using professional technical solutions that facilitate the printing process and improve the printing quality.

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski | Published: 15.11.2017