Atlas Woder Duo Express is an isolating paint used to treat surfaces before cladding, including surfaces covered in adhesive mortars. It is used on terraces, balconies, and outdoor stairs.

Woder Duo Express sets quickly, which allows suppliers to significantly reduce working time and increase user safety. Conventional mineral isolating paints require protection from rain for 6 to 8 hours. Atlas Woder Duo requires only 1 to 2 hours. A unique quality of this isolating paint is that it can be used together with other materials in a single technological cycle (“wet on wet”), which differentiates this product from other isolating paints on the market.

Woder Duo Express is first spread on the surface with a smoothing trowel, then a layer of another material is applied with a notched trowel and the surface is smoothed out. This method not only saves time required to apply standard waterproofing coating, but it also shortens the technological breaks commonly required when using conventional isolating paints. No breaks are necessary when using Woder Duo Express.

Woder Duo Express is a modern product because:

  1. the insulation coat is resistant to rain after only 2 hours,
  2. stone tiles and veneer can be glued to the prepared surface 3 hours after application

Adhesion of stone cladding: fast-setting glue Atlas Plus Express C2FTEs1.

Reconstruction work often requires limiting access to a building, working overnight, or ensuring technical parameters that allow stepping on the newly laid tiles the next morning.

In newly constructed buildings tiles are often laid in the communication parts of the building, such as corridors or indoor and outdoor staircases. To prevent restricting the movement of workers or transport of materials on the site, it is necessary to use quick-setting adhesive mortars.

 Adhesion of Plus Express in laboratory conditions (MPa)Adhesion of Plus Express at 5 °C (MPa)
After 4 hours0.16
After 6 hours0.54
After 7 hours0.83
After 24 hours0.980.26

Table 2   Adhesion of stone cladding glue Atlas Plus Express depending on time and temperature

The PN-EN 12004 standard uses a special designation for this type of product – class F. Such adhesive mortars set rather quickly: the required adhesion after 6 hours must be at least 0.5 MPa. With conventional C1 glues it takes 28 days to achieve this level of adhesion.

In addition to standard requirements, the implementation of quick repairs places additional demands on adhesive mortars. These are:

  • rapid setting, even at low temperatures (above 5 °C),
  • possibility to use adhesive mortars at low temperatures (unheated and often draughty buildings in late autumn or early spring) whilst keeping the required setting time of 24 hours,
  • minimising the so-called “pulling of the board” – when the work is carried out in stages, this is a weak link between the freshly applied mortar and the mortar that was applied the day before

The glue Atlas Plus Express (C2FTE S1 according to PN-EN 12004) sets so fast that after 24 hours it reaches the level of almost 1 MPa (Table 2) and is ready to bear load. Four hours from application we can walk on the floor and grout the tiles, 3 days from application the floor is ready for a heavy load. When the conditions are less favourable, e.g. at a temperature of 5 °C, the intensity of the hydration reactions extends, requiring a lot longer for the conventional adhesive mortars to set. Atlas Plus Express sets fast even at very low temperatures (Table 2).


The above-mentioned examples show that the spectrum of possible uses of quick-setting mortars is wide. These types of mortar are perfect when we want to quickly repair e.g. the edges of stairs or flat areas, fill smaller or larger defect, set anchors or other load-bearing elements, and be able to step on the floor mere 5 hours after waterproofing and laying of the tiles.

Source: Kurier kamieniarski    
Author: mgr inż. Maciej Rokiel, mgr inż. Krzysztof Szyszko