A new granite gangsaw called BM Zenesis will soon be launched on the Polish stonemasonry market. It is the first saw that will cut granite blocks using diamond cutting blades.

The design of the machine is a result of cooperation between the company BM – a well-known producer of stone saws – and the company Zenesis Solution Srl from Carray. Zenesis is the developer as well as manufacturer of this innovative technology for cutting granite with diamond blade saws.

Until now diamond blades have been used on saws rebuilt from traditional saws that cut granite using blades attached to steel frames, wires with steel beads, and a combination of water and lime. The BM Zenesis gangsaw is a completely new machine designed to use diamond blades only.

The saw has a sliding part, which lifts the stone block up as it is being cut. As the frame with blades is stationary, it was possible to build a shorter machine that takes up less space. Because the frame does not move up and down, the risk of inaccuracies resulting from vibrations of the frame has been reduced. This is a significant improvement, as vibrations always have a negative impact on the performance and lifetime of diamond saw wires.

BM Zenesis uses up to 80 blades. It can cut blocks that are 3.3 m long, 2.1 m high and 2.44 m wide. The frame can handle 65 to 75 cycles per minute and cut through 60 cm of stone in that time. Water is used only to cool the stone and flush away the sludge. The gangsaw has a power-saving 90-kWh engine, which is an advantage given the rising energy prices.

The construction of the frame significantly differs from conventional saws. BM Zenesis requires high pressure tensioning system. The frame has been reinforced to withstand the load of 18 tons. The machine is further equipped with an innovative stretcher that ensures sufficient tension of the wires during operation. Such high tractional strength has a positive effect on the quality of cutting. Once cut, the stone slabs are even and smooth, and as such they require only minimal subsequent polishing.

Source: Kurier kamieniarski  
Author: Grzegorz Gryzło   |   Published: 13.11.2019