This year’s Gardenia fair in Poznań offered the premiere of the project called ONE BLOCK presented at the stand of the Granex company from Strzegom. The project comes with the idea of creating stone elements with respect to maximum optimization of the production process.  


The idea of the project was demonstrated on a ready-made set of stone furniture and elements of small architecture all cut from a single granite block. The set consists of a tennis table, two bicycle stands, two benches, and two picnic tables with seats.

Production optimization starts at the stage of preparing the raw material. The cutting lines are routed in such a way that each cut should result in elements with zero waste material. Every single  fragment is used eventually used for the purpose of creating the next element of the set.

Guiding the cutting line in such a way that no element turns into waste after being cut is also an optimization of the use of machines and tools – both in terms of the wear of the tools used (in this case the diamond wire) and the working time (one cut – two elements).

In addition, each cut is productive, giving specific results. Hence the optimization of the use of energy, as it can be claimed that 100% of the energy invested in the implementation of the project is spent on the implementation of the useful parts of this project.

Therefore, the use of the ONE BLOCK philosophy brings tangible results: no waste – lower material costs, all cuts are effective – less wear on tools, machines and energy. It can easily be concluded that the ONE BLOCK production of the components of this set will be cheaper than producing them separately.

And once the production becomes cheaper, the final product can be offered at a lower price, to the benefit of the customer. It is a well-known fact that any waste produced is lastly included in the price of the product. And where there is no waste, there is no cost.

In addition, more and more consumers now pay attention to what is called environmental costs of the goods purchased. The ONE BLOCK philosophy comes to the rescue here as well.

No waste means no environmental burden for management or storage. Zero waste also proves good management of natural resources. Less wear on tools and machines, as well as lower energy consumption, are strong pro-ecological arguments. The ONE BLOCK project is therefore doubly ecological. First of all: made of natural material. Next: produced in the least environmentally damaging way.

The ONE BLOCK project can be made use of in a variety of dimensions, material, shapes and elements to be created. In the design studio of the Granex company, new ONE BLOCK ideas continue being developed every day.

Lowering costs resulting in cutting the price of products together with the previously mentioned intangible assets, which can be used for argumentation in talks with the still more and more demanding customers, are only some of the benefits offered by the ONE BLOCK project.





Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski | Published: 30.04.2017