Where to put stone in the garden?

zahrada vysypaná nejrůznějšími barvami kamínků jemnějších i hrubších, kolem kterých vede chodník skládaný z plochých kamenů nepravidelného tvaru se spárou sypaným pískem

Diversity and beauty of each garden is accented by usage of suitable decorative stones. Therefore, the decorative stones can be applied to whatever purpose. Unique solitary stones of various sizes and shapes or decent and function complements can suit your garden so well that you would not notice their presence there.

Use of stone in the garden

Stones can stand for natural pavement so they create driveway, smaller paths or yards. Such use of stones provides undemanding maintenance. Unlike pavement or grass there is no need to take care of natural stone on a regular basis.

Stones can be seen often on various terraces and rockeries. They go well together with particular plants especially rock plants. Stones are perfect for keeping moisture of soil therefore many plants exploit them. By contrast, if you place stones and pebbles among plants smartly, you limit growing unwanted weed.

Natural stone in the garden can serve as a supporting wall with rock plants, it can go well with surroundings such as water reservoirs (pond shores), or it can complete secluded and moist place (decoration of fountains).

Advantages of natural stone

In the past broken or cleaved natural stone was used as a primary construction material thanks to its perfect mechanical properties. Modern architecture rediscover broken natural stone and it basks in the glory now among architects.

High resistance, durability, and persistence of natural broken stones are the main benefits which are completed by their beauty and uniqueness.

Types of natural stones

Most companies selling natural stones for gardens or interiors offer rocks such as granite, sandstone, limestone, andesite, basalt, travertine, marble, gneiss, quartzite, slate, zeolite, arenaceous marl, gneis or tuff. Usually, they sell many types of coloured gravels, crushed stones and coloured pebbles.

According to the specific use of stone, stone are divided into:

  • Natural stone
  • Facing stone
  • Paving stone
  • Building stone
  • Stone for building ponds

Source: www.ceskestavby.cz