Do you have enough space to store all the slabs you need or would like to have in your storage? Is there comfortable and unobstructed enough access to all the slabs that are in your storage? How often have you wondered what will happen when your slabs fall over? Or maybe you would like to move those marbles covered with a tarpaulin under the roof or your warehouse, but there is not enough space in there?



Luno Compact Storage is a solution that makes it possible to store more than 1,700 m2 of stone – more than 280 slabs – in less than 20 m2 of storage space.


The standard version of the Luno Warehouse consists of 24 drawers and its principle of operation is simple. The drawers are positioned on the track closely next to each other. To open a chosen drawer, you release its locking pedal and use the remote control to open the drawers. In this way, we have free access to the slabs, which we can conveniently retrieve with a forklift or crane. The entire system is hydraulically driven.

As standard, the movable drawers have a depth of 12 cm and each can hold up to 12 slabs (1 cm thick). However, it is possible to increase the depth of the drawer up to 21 cm. Luno storage can have any number of drawers and can be expanded at any time. This means that its size can be minimal and grow with the needs of the company.

The load capacity per drawer is 2,000 kg. So even granite can be safely stored on it. The standard size of the drawer is 300 x 200 cm, but this size can also be adapted to the individual needs of the customer.

To ensure that the slabs stored in the warehouse are protected against accidental tipping and damage, the first and last drawer are stationary. In addition, the last drawer is mounted inverted to ensure the safety of people and vehicles moving around the warehouse. Although the system has been optimised for 24 drawers, the number of drawers can be varied. This can be adapted to the customer’s needs or to the size of the floor space available at the location where the system is to be used. It should be noted that Luno Warehouse is also suitable for outdoor use – not only in the hall or under a roof.

Using traditional racks, we would need several times more space to store the same number of plates. Apart from saving space Luno Warehouse has several other advantages. Storing discs in this way looks very professional.



The presentation of the material range to the customer, especially a demanding customer, will be an excellent testimony to the professionalism of the company. The most important advantage for the employees of the stone workshop will be the convenience and speed of work.

Access to a particular tray takes as little as pressing a control button. There is about one metre of free space between the sliding drawers – enough space to easily pick up a slab with a forklift or crane. Convenient access also saves time. To get to the desired plate, it is no longer necessary to move several other plates.


The standard Luno Warehouse system with 24 drawers and storage for 300 x 200 cm slabs in 1 cm thickness was used for the calculation. In the case of 2 cm thick slabs, the warehouse will hold 140 pieces, i.e. approx. 850 m2.





Source: Kurier kamieniarski
Author: | Published: 22.09.2020